Benchmarking is part of sharing—by comparing ourselves with our peers we can start to have a conversation about how services are provisioned, identify areas where we are not performing as effectively as other institutions, and consequently address those issues. Most, if not all, of the CHEITA member associations carry out some form of benchmarking, but the outputs from those initiatives vary. CHEITA recognised that in order to facilitate cross-border comparisons appropriate for the global higher education business, it would be necessary to establish a way of comparing individual institutions. 

Therefore, at the beginning of 2014 CHEITA began discussing the possibility of comparing different IT benchmarking initiatives around the globe, with the goal of identifying a single model that would enable the international higher education IT community to use consistent and relevant information for institutional decision making. The CHEITA Benchmarking Working Group was created to explore the viability of benchmarking IT in higher education on a global scale and identify a way to undertake such an initiative. The result of those efforts was the development of the CHEITA Global Complexity Index described in this paper.