Within the CHEITA framework we try to disseminate and promote content coming from the member organisations as well as own content produced under the CHEITA flag.

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Enterprise Architecture Commons for Higher Education

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The CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture Commons for Higher Education is a repository of standardised reference architectures that describe the structure of higher education institutions.

The models are the result of work with fifteen Australian and New Zealand universities over seven years, and provide a generalised view of how universities are organised and the information they use.

These resources can be used in a variety of ways, such as a starter kit to accelerate an institution’s business and data architecture, a reference point to explore commonalities and differentiators for the institution, and a communication tool to engage stakeholders.

The Architecture Commons will help CAUDIT and CHEITA members to:

  • increase the value and efficiency of their architecture teams
  • facilitate the exchange of architectural knowledge and good practice in the sector
  • support interoperability and collaboration between member organisations and
  • improve engagement with industry in major projects and initiatives
  • The Architecture Commons will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis by the CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice.

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Global Complexity Index

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In order to facilitate cross-border comparisons appropriate for the global higher education business, it is necessary to have a way of comparing individual institutions with peers to start a conversation about how services are provisioned, identify areas where performance isn’t as effective as other institutions, and share best practices to develop more effective and efficient IT services.

The Coalition of Higher Education Information Technology Associations (CHEITA) Global Complexity Index described in this report enables peer identification and democratizes work by giving a voice to international institutions represented in association research and benchmarking activities. The CHEITA Global Complexity Index also opens the door for developing more meaningful international higher education IT research collaborations, partnerships, and communities of practice.

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